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Non-Roadster: De M2-1015

Posted on February 13, 2019 at 12:15 AM

As some of you might know we had another M2 model on our site last year. That time we had a look at the M2 1001. A Eunos Roadster NA based sports car that was fine-tuned by M2. A sub brand from Mazda in the '90's. Today we are going to have a look at the M2 1015. This M2 is based on a Autozam AZ-1. The Autozam AZ-1 was a sportive Kei-car sports coupe originally designed by Suzuki to be sold as the Suzuki Cara. Mazda later made an agreement with Suzuki to share the platform and with some changes Mazda launched it at their other sub-brand as the Autozam AZ-1. As it was a new contribution to Mazda's sports car line-up M2 had to fiddle around with it andthe M2 1014 and 1015 were born. The M2 1014 was a one-off off-road model. Inthe end M2 produced only a couple of them and this model never officially went on sale.


The 1015 came with better suspension settings, upgrade intake and exhaust, an LSD and a special bodykit. This bodykits featured a rear-spoiler, upgraded front-bumper and integrated fog lights. Unlike the normal two-tone paintjob the usual AZ-1's had an M2 only come in 3 single-painted colours. Black, white or silver. The original production number was limited to only 50 models but M2 in '94 decided toproduce an additional 50 numbers. Because these additional 50 cars where only produced on order it’s not known how many were produced in each colour specific. Besides that M2 later sold 1015 body parts separately making there are possiblyfrom "build" M2's. The 1015 went out of production in '96 but thestory doesn't end there. In the autumn of '96 M2 contacted Italian Design to create a new body version. And so they did, but it turned out not to be a great success. The total costs of converting your normal AZ-1 into this new M2 would costs you one million yen on bodywork alone. After that you'd be charged another million yen from installing and preparing the bodywork. This makes it quite expensive at almost 20.000euro for only the conversion. Another thing that didn't really help was that it was not possible to order a single panel. So if you tried to build it up yourself and messed up a panel (which happened quite allot as the fitment of the panels wasn't always great) you could not order a new panel; only the full kit at one million yen. Obvious M2 didn't sell much of them.


Due to it being a Kei-car it was powered by a very light 660cc, 12-valve DOHC, turbo-charged,64HP strong engine. It was very compact to at only 3,30m length and 1,40mheight.  It’s very light to due to its FRP (plastic) bodywork. This makes it weighs only 720kg making this tiny, rare sports car a blast to drive. I accidently found this white '94 example which only has 35.000km on the clock. It doesn't go cheap as the add states it will still cost you 10.000euro. But hey, you DO get Gullwing doors for that!


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