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Non-Roadster: The ASL RS01: With help from Tommy Kaira

Posted on February 13, 2019 at 12:20 AM

These days there is no such things as a individual carbrand anymore. The connections in the automotive world as like a spiderweb. Everybody has to do something with anybody. Sometimes things work out like when Toyota and PSA (Peugeot/Citroën) developed a small affordable citycar we now know as the Aygo, 107 and C1. Sometimes it goes horribly wrong. For example when some Italian and Japanese thought it would be great to not use Italian design and Japanese reliability but put it just the way around. Japanese design and Italian reliability. Let me tell you, Japan made some great cars in the '80's and '90's but also some pretty bad ones, some even worse than the quality of the average Italian cars in those day. This is the reason why such a horrible creature as the Alfa Romeo Arna could exist. Anyways, this is something that could happen when two big carbrands start working together. But what if a small but legendary company like Tommy Kaira gets in financial difficulties?

Thats exactly what happened around the year 2000. For those who don't know Tommy Kaira yet, stay tuned as we will do a cover on them soon. The small Japanese sportscar maker was not interesting enough for the big brands likes Toyota and Nissan but lucky enough there was another buyer in sight. Japans biggest supplier in automotive parts; Autobacs. In the year 2001 they bought Tommy Kaira and used the knowledge of the company to start their own new sportscar company called ASL. The real name behind the three letters is less special as you would think. The letters ASL stand for Autobacs' Sportscar Laboratory. These there are only cars raced under the ASL name by the official Autobacs racingteam in professional autosportleagues.

The brand ASL did make a few roadlegal sportcars but most of them were reïncarnations for earlier Tommy Kaira models. So there was the ASL Garaiya based on the ZZ and the RS01 based on the ZZii. This last model deserved some extra attention though. This car was based on the Tommy Kaira ZZii which was based on the ZZ so they had a perfect bases for building a awesome handling car here. And with a weight of only 681kg and a RB26DETT that pumped 566HP it must be one hell of a car! As also show the specs. Zero to hundred? Just 3,3 seconds. Topspeed? 340km/h. Its pretty insane if you know this car has a power-to-weight ratio of almost 820HP per ton. Thats Ariel Atom range! As they were spanning the famous BNR34 engine in the car they figured out who not to use nissan famous ATTESA 4WD system? The idea of how this car would feel to drive is just mindblowing. Sadly enough Autobacs never made a full production serie of this car as they first intended to so they kept it with just a few showmodels.

Definitely another car to add on your dreamgarage-list as a true JDM fanatic! Imagine this parking between your R390 and Orochi. Right now rumours go there Autobacs is working on a electric version of this car. We surely keep following the slow but interesting development of this beast!

Via: Paddock Japan

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