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Non-Roadster: Sad Story: Suzusho Surpasse V

Posted on February 13, 2019 at 12:25 AM

DamnJDM is not a website that attracts a great public of car-enthausiats. Mainly cause we only point out the Japanese models and brands but even than allot of Japanese car lovers are not the people that watch our site. We aim for the people that don't reply with questions like "can you eat that?" when we tell them terms like "hakosuka", "zokusha" or "irohazaka". Basicly you could say that only the die-hard JDM-fanatics are interested in the stuff posted here. Thats we reason why we don't talk about a "Japanese domestic market Nissan 180SX S13" when we can just say "RPS13" and everybody knows what we are talking about. HOWEVER, I dare to say that even most of our regular viewers have never heard of a company called Suzusho.

It was a very small carbrand in the 90's in Nagoya, Japan. Mostly they build Lotus 7-ish cars but a few years ago they introduced us the Surpasse V. Suzusho was about to step up their game by releasing this stunning car with MR-layout. Its powered by a 3.2 liter turbo-charged Mazda engine from the Mazda 3MPS. The engine would produce 270HP. Not that much more than the normal 3MPS but if you combine that with a weight of only 850kg, which results in over 3HP/kg, it makes it one hell of a car! And esspecially with the very lower center of gravity and that RWD it must be a blast to drive. The Picture at the top is the first 3D model of the Surpass V Suzusho released in 2009.

These here are the photo's of the real deal that was presented at the Tokyo Auto Salon later that year. Suzusho said they would expect the Supasse to hit the streets in 2010. Sadly however before the Surpasse V got in production the company died and we'll never know what its like to drive... which make me kinda sad. This car had so much potential.

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