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Non-Roadster: Ohno New Naomi II

Posted on February 13, 2019 at 12:25 AM

As you can see at the right side of your homepage we have a long list of all kinds of Japanese carbrands you can think of. Even tough we still have to sort out all the categories we already missed out a few brands as we noticed soon enough. No big problem as we will add them in the list later. One of these not so well known Japanese brands that still exists is Ohno... or Ohno Car Craft to be correct. Ohno is a coach builder that made several sports cars on the basis of the Eunos Roadster and later Mazda Roadster and the Mazda RX-7. This is their latest creation; a FD3S based costumbuild piece of design. You could see Ohno as a sort of Mitsuoka but than most of the cars DO actually look good. Especially this New Naomi II.

The normal FD3S is already a very good looking car, but imagine that screaming 13B rotary engine in this gorgeous bodywork. The guys over at Ohno clearly got inspired by the style of the 60's sportscar. The back-end even has a bit of a Jaguar E-type feeling to it and that sure is a compliment! This completely hand building process will only take up to 3/4 months. The great thing is you can costimize the car to your own taste and liking. If wished the guys will give your engine a full rebuild (300HP) too. The whole car body (except the doors and roof) is made out of very light and strong FRP (or fully carbon if wished) and in case of an accident can be replaced without any hazard as this is not a so called one-body-kitcar. Its not cheap though. The total conversion (excluding the FD3S itself) costs 1,7million Yen which is about 15.000€. Ouch! But than you sure have something special and very very rare. Even more rare than, for example, a Ferrari 360 Modena... better looking too. Much better... and ofcourse its rotary powered. If only I would win the lottery this month...

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